We apply scientific techniques of modern sensorial advanced, we qualify and quantify the attributes of sensorial quality providing all the answers to the products with aromas, flavors and textures that meet the preferences and needs of consumers, winning the target market.

We have solutions for product development according to consumer preferences.

with full integration of data collection software.

highly trained in numerous foods and beverages.

Helena Maria Andre Bolini, PHD


1. Obtaining and delivering valid and reliable results for R & D and marketing of food companies, driving decisions in an agile, accurate and secure way to make the formulation and choices products to the market.

3. Shelf-life monitoring or product stability as a function of time (quantitative descriptive analysis eliminates the need for a "control product").

4. In product development: with focus in a target sensory profile, a formulation can be modified until it reaches the desired profile.

2. Determine if sensory difference (with respect to appearance, color, tastes, textures) is perceptible between formulations, between prototypes or between competitors.

5. Analysis of consumer preferences and determination of which characteristics contribute positively or negatively to the acceptance of the target market.


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WOW Nutrition contracted the services of the Laboratory of Sensory Science and Consumer, for the realization of several sensorial analyzes in different products in the period from October 2017 to February 2018. These services were executed under the supervision of Profa. Helena Maria Andre Bolini in an efficient and quality way expected. The commitment to preserve the confidentiality of the services provided and to maintain the absolute confidentiality of the information exchanged, the technical basis of the methods compliance with the stipulated deadlines and the detailed content of the reports sent, confirmed and reinforced the competence of the services provided. Therefore, it is a question of a competent, punctual and competent professional, which is why I recommend your services.

Dener Jader Rodrigues

Industrial director – WOW Nutrition

I used the sensory analysis results coordinated by Professor Helena Bolini many times, in countless projects. Important decisions were made on the basis of consistent and reliable results. Great market launches were made. a Return excellent.

Rubens Mattos

Professional with great experience in the brewing industry - Beverage Industry

As responsible for the sensory analysis area of Beverage Industry, I had the pleasure to hire the services of Prof. Helena Bolini and the Laboratory of Analysis Sensory from Unicamp for a product research and development project. In season we needed consumer testing and a highly trained tasting panel to realization of ADQ and Time Intensity. The work was done with such excellence and responsibility that we decide for an annual service contract. Were approximately 5 years of partnership and much learning. Through various studies and developed projects it was possible to achieve the improvement of the sensorial quality of the products, success in new product development and cost reduction projects. Ever using highly trained tasting panel, application of analysis methodologies and consumer testing at a fair cost.

Ana Paula N. Nicolino

Food Engineer - Specialist in Sensory Analysis - Drinks industry

I had the opportunity to work with the services of the sensory analysis laboratory that with concrete, assertive and secure results for the product development. It has contributed so much to the research of sensorial characteristics of product with the different exploratory methodologies as well as direct validations of attributes and products with consumers, a key factor for the development of a product with quality.

Rodrigo Guilger Favaretto

Manager of P&D - Drinks industry

In 2007 I had the opportunity to know the work of Profa. Helena in the lab Sensory Analysis of FEA-UNICAMP. We have developed a partnership in projects that Sensory and the recommendations of prof. Helena were crucial for targeting the development and launch of winning products, preferred by consumers! Congratulations to the prof. Helena and her team! Their commitment, knowledge and structure of the laboratory make the difference in the development of the best products!

Ana Munis Buoinain

Coordinator Sensory & Consumer Insight – Company of Ingredientes

the development of products, dramatically increasing the change of success because, FINALLY THE COMPANY KNOWS HOW TO TALK ABOUT THE PRODUCT, AND ADJUST IT TO APPEAL TO THE POPULATION AND TO TASTE SEGMENTS’. Why is this relevant to the laboratory run by Dr. Bolini? A simple answer: imagine a center in Latin America where every company, from very small to very large, can create powerful structured knowledge. Now there is far lower risk. You know what to do to make your product better, or to appeal to segments. You reduce risk. Your reduce cost. You increases consumer acceptance. You increase sales. You increase profits. Most of all... YOU SUCCEED each time by doing your homework. Dr Bolini’s facility is our designated facility in Latin America to serve the entire content. The goal – better knowledge, better products, more market success, more revenues.

Howard Moskowitz

Founding Partner & Chief Scentist – MindGenomics Advisors, LLC